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Why I Cut the Cable Cord and What is Has to Do With Living Healthy

Cut the Cable Cord – Let’s Do it! I cut the cable cord. Snip, snip. No more cable. Mrs. CHL and I have talked endlessly about eliminating cable. We both have our fair share of wasteful TV habits, and we know that life is too precious to waste it flipping through the channels trying to find something to hold our attention for the next 30 minutes. Now don’t get me wrong. I love television. I love content. I’m obsessed with the phrase “content distribution,” though I probably couldn’t even define it for you. CNBC – I watch CNBC when I wake Read More

5 Healthy Living Books

Five Healthy Living Books To Read This Year

Read Them or Weep! How many books do you plan to read this year?  If you’re into audio, how many audio books do you plan to listen to this year? I love to read and listen to books. I wish I read more, but between podcasts and audio books, I feel like I absorb quite a bit of content on a daily basis. This is generally a good thing, but every once in awhile I read or listen to something that really is a waste of time. My goal today is to save you from that waste.  If you only have time for a few healthy Read More

Six Months and Counting

Six Months and Counting…

As chief content creator at CHL, I find it difficult to come up with a consistent flow of new content, to ensure the five minutes you spend on CHL is worth your time.  I don’t want to ramble endlessly about what I ate for breakfast yesterday or how many times my recently potty-trained daughter (CHL employee #4) went “teetee in the pottee”, but at times it constrains me from just writing what’s on my mind. So today I’m not looking to introduce a new yoga routine or a cancer-fighting spice—but stay tuned for some stuff about curcumin.  I’m just going to write what’s on Read More

Morning Routine

30 Days to a Healthier Life – Morning Routine

I know what you’re thinking – Is this a new Cool Healthy Life challenge?  No, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until later in the year for that.  However, this is an update on the 10 Days to a Healthier Life Challenge from last month. As some of you may have guessed, we’re now over 30 days into my new morning routine, and I thought it made sense to check in with my progress. I’m happy to report that I really feel like my new morning schedule has become second nature.  I’m naturally waking up earlier every morning, and I still genuinely look forward Read More


What Is Osteoporosis?

Today we take the road less traveled.  We’re leaving the normal realm of yoga and “good daily habits” articles and plunging deeper into a health topic that America is becoming more concerned about: What is Osteoporosis? What is Osteopenia? What is Osteoporosis? Osteopenia and osteoporosis are related medical conditions that present varying levels of bone loss, measured by bone mineral density. Bone density is a marker used to pinpoint how strong a bone is and the possibility that it might break.   The following is a more thorough description of the two conditions, differences between the two, and potential treatment options for Read More

Blue zones

Blue Zones – What the World Has to Learn About Living Healthy

It’s been proven that by living a healthy lifestyle, we have the potential to live longer lives. Intriguingly, there are small groups of people who are taking this strategy to a whole new level.   These individuals live in one of the world’s Blue Zones, locations where impressive numbers of people are living remarkably longer, fuller lives. What Are Blue Zones? The term Blue Zones is used to specify a geographic area where people tend to live measurably longer, healthier lives. The Blue Zones principle was initially developed based on the demographic work carried out by Michel Poulain and Gianni Pes, who identified Read More


Can Yoga Increase Your Metabolism?

We’ve recently written a few articles about the physical and mental benefits of yoga.  Well, during this week’s Cool Healthy Life research session, we came across the following article focused on ways to leverage yoga to increase your metabolism. I thought this was a very interesting article and it had a cool infographic to go with it. Check it out! Yoga and Metabolism Source:

Words illustration of a person doing meditation

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word meditation?  Is it a mental image of the Dalai Lama with legs crossed and hands clasped together?  Or maybe an eccentric looking individual in a trance-like state? Truth is, meditation is simply just the state of thoughtless awareness – a state of peace where our minds are calm and silent, yet completely aware. I introduced meditation as part of my 10 Days to a Healthier Life challenge. We hadn’t previously discussed meditation at Cool Healthy Life, so I thought this was a good time to share some of the benefits Read More

Healthy life

10 Days to a Healthier Life – Day 10

Follow along as I provide day-by-day updates during my ten-day case study.  I’m changing one simple daily habit, and letting readers learn first hand the impact it’s having on my life. Day 10 The sweet smell of success.  The ten-day healthy life challenge is complete.  Birds are chirping, winter flowers are blossoming and I am feeling great! The last ten days has been a blast.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve enjoyed the journey. I feel like I’m on top of my game, both physically and mentally. You know what the trick to the whole ten-day journey was?  I Read More

Healthy Life wooden sign with a forest background

10 Days to a Healthier Life – Day 9

Follow along as I provide day-by-day updates during my ten-day case study.  I’m changing one simple daily habit, and letting readers learn first hand the impact it’s having on my life. Day 9 Almost there. I can taste success and I’m in a dead sprint to the finish line.  I definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day.  It’s interesting, actually.  Less sleep, less coffee, and more exercise translates into more energy. Who would have guessed? All from getting up an hour early and sticking to an easy morning routine.  Today’s Routine Meditation – 15 minutes. Affirmations –  5 Read More