10 Days to a Healthier Life – Day 6

Benefits of Water
Benefits of Water
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Follow along as I provide day-by-day updates during my ten-day case study.  I’m changing one simple daily habit, and letting readers learn first hand the impact it’s having on my life.


Day 6

Welcome to the 2nd half of the 10-day challenge!

It feels like I’ve been practicing my new morning routine for much longer than six days.  I would say four days went well and two days were on the tougher side. Overall, today was a good day.  Getting back into the daily grind is never fun, but I believe my morning activities have made the transition much easier.  After six days, I feel the largest “benefit” so far is with my overall mental mindset.  This probably isn’t a huge surprise, since I’ve put so much focus around meditation.

Daily Routine

  • Meditation – 15 minutes.
  • Affirmations –  5 minutes.  I read back through the goals I wrote out a few days ago.
  • Exercise – 40 minutes of yoga.  I focused on a cardio-heavy yoga session.

Mix It Up

One thing I’ve recognized early on is the importance of adding variety to my morning routine.  If this is something I’m going to stick with for the long haul (more on that in a few days), I need to be flexible. By making adjustments to my morning routine as my mind/body needs it, I’ll keep things interesting and be more likely to stick with it.  Some days I’m long on meditation and short on exercise, while other days I’m mainly focused on writing.

The H2O Benefit

I also wanted to highlight an unanticipated, but really important, physical/health benefit I’ve observed so far in the challenge.  I’ve noticed I’m drinking about three or four extra glasses of water a day since I’ve started my morning routine.

  • I normally chug a glass of water (or lemon water) as soon as I get out of bed in the morning.  It’s become part of my waking up process and it’s important to replenish hydration that may have been lost while sleeping.
  • I then usually have a second glass of water post meditation, as I’m moving into other morning activities.
  • After exercise, I find myself having a third glass of water.

So, when I compare that to a few weeks ago, my new self has already slammed down three glasses of water, while my old self was rolling out of bed!  I’m also noticing that I generally am drinking more water throughout the remainder of the day.  While I can’t attribute this directly back to my morning routine, it does feel like a new healthy habit that is developing.

Tomorrow is Day 7 and we’re almost down the home stretch!


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