10 Days to a Healthier Life – Day 9

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Healthier Life

Follow along as I provide day-by-day updates during my ten-day case study.  I’m changing one simple daily habit, and letting readers learn first hand the impact it’s having on my life.

Day 9

Almost there. I can taste success and I’m in a dead sprint to the finish line.  I definitely feel like I have more energy throughout the day.  It’s interesting, actually.  Less sleep, less coffee, and more exercise translates into more energy. Who would have guessed? All from getting up an hour early and sticking to an easy morning routine.

 Today’s Routine

  • Meditation – 15 minutes.
  • Affirmations –  5 minutes.
  • Exercise7 Minute Workout routine.
  • Podcast – 40 minutes.

Wait, what was that last one? A podcast? How the heck does that fit into your morning routine, Brent?  Here’s the deal. These morning routines are about personal development.  Cool Healthy Life is my first entrepreneurial journey and a big part of my personal development plan for 2015.

There was one podcast series that played a huge role in helping me take the leap into becoming an entrepreneur.  That podcast was from the guys over at Niche Pursuits. They have a ton of actionable content focused on getting started online as an entrepreneur. This morning, I listened to their most recent episode and learned a few marketing techniques to for Cool Healthy life in the process!  As I mentioned yesterday, it’s important to be flexible with your morning routines, and a podcast was a great way to exercise some different muscles in my mind.

Well, nine days down and one to go. Tomorrow marks the end of the challenge.  I’m looking forward to reflecting on the last ten days and sharing some of the things I’ve learned.

Make sure you check in tomorrow for our finale!


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