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Who can believe that 2014 is almost in the rear view mirror? As we approach 2015, thoughts of New Year’s resolutions and making a fresh start begins to cross our minds. What is your new year’s resolution going to be?

My Resolution

For me, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I spent a lot of time in 2014 researching what makes successful people tick…be it in the health niche, the finance niche or, for that matter, any niche. I listened to over 100 podcast interviews with successful individuals, and the most consistent trait of almost all these people was their focus on habits, schedule and a daily routine. In particular, many successful individuals have a laser-focused morning routine, which starts with getting up early.

Getting up early? Yuck. Those of you who know me, know that I’m not normally the first one out of bed in the morning. If I could have it my way, I would probably be the last one to wake up and drink my lemon water. However, I recognize that I’m missing out on a very important and special part of the day. I’m sacrificing an opportunity to spend 60-90 minutes focused on my well-being. This is time to clear my mind for the upcoming day, practice some yoga to improve my physical and emotional well-being, or maybe even do some writing for Cool Healthy Life (great content doesn’t create itself you know!).

The Challenge

So here’s what I’m proposing. Over a ten-day period in January, I plan to set my alarm and wake up 60 minutes earlier than usual. This means during the week I’ll probably be getting up at 6:00 am vs. 7:00 am, and on the weekend I’ll be getting up at 7:00 am instead of 8:00 am. With my new-found extra hours, I plan to:

    • Exercise – this will probably be some on demand yoga episodes, but if I get really ambitious I’ll go for a run.
    • Meditate – aside from the risk of it putting me back to sleep, meditation is a practice that I believe is very efficient at helping to clear your mind, decrease anxiety and streamline your focus.
    • Write – most of you know that CHL is currently a “hobby” for me at the moment. I come home from my day job and any leftover energy goes to CHL. It’s time to flip this equation and give CHL some of my morning energy and focus!

How You Can Follow Along

Finally, I’m challenging the Cool Healthy Life community to come along on this journey with me. Who wants to participate in the 10 Days to a Healthier Life challenge? If you’re in, shoot me an email or share your story in the comments!

“Who’s Coming With Me?”

To keep me honest, and make this informative for the CHL community, I’m going to provide daily updates highlighting the good and bad of waking up early and getting some “me time” in prior to the start of my day.  So check in daily, and find out how things are going!

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10 Days to a Healthier Life – Day 1


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