Are you Passionate About Living Healthy?

All about passion
All about passion
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Passion. I’ve met tons of people who are passionate about something.
  • Passionate Dallas Cowboys fans.
  • Passionate liberals.
  • Passionate Justin Bieber fans.
  • People passionate about Volkswagen Passats.

What is Passion?

The word passion is defined on as:

…when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is possible.

 No wonder people who are passionate about “healthy living” end up living healthy.

Are You Passionate About Living Healthy?

If you think pretty hard about it, we’re all passionate about something.  Family, work, job, hobby, sports team (Boston Red Sox if you’re curious).   But how many of us are passionate about living healthy?  If health is so important to us, why aren’t we passionate about it?  How can we be passionate about finding a way to use five Apple devices in a single day, but not about living a long, healthy life?

I know most of you are going to read this and say, “I’m passionate about my health, Brent.”  But are we really passionate about it?  Living healthy is tough stuff.  There are no shortcuts.  No magic pills to swallow.  Remember that Urban dictionary definition: ambition materialized into action? You probably already have that ambition to be healthy, that’s why you’re here at Cool Healthy Life. Now you need to transform that ambition to action, and for healthy living that action involves:

  • Changing your diet
  • Getting exercise
  • Thinking positive
  • Doing your own research to determine what you need to avoid in your life
  • Sacrifice and dedication.
  • And you’ll need to stick to it for the rest of your life.

And oh, by the way,  it doesn’t pay a cent.

“Gosh Brent, where do I sign up?”

Sign On The Dotted Line_ _ _ _

It’s peculiarly contradictory how we have it all backwards. Living healthy should be something we are all passionate about.  Being healthy just makes life better.  I don’t think I’m rocking the boat too much by making that statement.  Would I say I’m passionate about living healthy? I’m definitely trying to be. The ambition is there every day. The transformation into action? Well, honestly, some days are better than others..  I want to be passionate about being healthy.  Why?  Because  I want to be alive and active (for a long time) so I can enjoy rooting for my favorite sports team, voting for my favorite politician (BTW that’s an oxymoron) and driving around in my favorite Volkswagen Passat.

So How Do You Become Passionate About Healthy Living?

It’s not going to happen overnight.  But it’s really easy to get started.  Find one thing you’re really passionate about changing and start there.  Maybe it’s skipping that sugar rush after dinner?  Or potentially committing to yoga once a week?  It could be as simple as waking up every morning and listening to five minutes of positive meditation to get in the right state of mind to start the day. This is a journey.  You just need to get started … and of course follow Cool Healthy Life along the way!
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