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10 Days to a Healthier Life

  Who can believe that 2014 is almost in the rear view mirror? As we approach 2015, thoughts of New Year’s resolutions and making a fresh start begins to cross our minds. What is your new year’s resolution going to be? My Resolution For me, I’ve decided to do something a little different. I spent a lot of time in 2014 researching what makes successful people tick…be it in the health niche, the finance niche or, for that matter, any niche. I listened to over 100 podcast interviews with successful individuals, and the most consistent trait of almost all these people Read More


5 Places Toxins Are Hiding And What To Do About It

Greetings Cool Healthy Lifers! What if I said to you, “Chances are, you’re being exposed to at least 5 toxins on a daily basis.” Would you want to be informed, so you could make some changes to your daily routine? Yes? Then read on!  During our last post we talked about the dreaded gluten protein and reviewed some of the differences between having a gluten sensitivity and having celiac disease.  Today we’re going to switch gears a bit and focus on a topic that we haven’t discussed much on Cool Healthy Life:  Stuff to Avoid.  Living a healthy life is as Read More

Five Pound Bagel

Do You Know a Bagel Weighs Five Pounds?

Blog #4 – Do You Know a Bagel Weighs Five pounds? Greetings Cool Healthy Lifers! In my last post, we talked about our summer beach trip and staying in the groove.  You want to know what knocks you out of the groove?  How about a five-pound bagel. Ok, ok.  I know what you’re thinking.  There is no way that a bagel weighs five pounds.  Maybe few ounces, max?  You’re right.  If you put a bagel on a scale it would probably weigh around 4-6 ounces.  Throw some yummy veggie cream cheese on there and you have yourself about an eight ounce breakfast.  Read More

Oak Island Beach

3 Easy Tips to Stay in Shape on Vacation

Greetings from Oak Island! Hey everyone, Its been a little over a week since my last blog post.  We’re actually enjoying a little beach vacation with my wife’s family.  Its our annual beach trip with the girls, family and anyone else crazy enough to spend a week with us.  This year we set up shop on Caswell Beach near Oak Island, NC.  We have a house that sleeps about 20, and I swear we are using every inch of it!  So I’ll keep this post short, as our girls are turning into mermaids and can’t be away from the water for more than 30 minutes!!! Falling Read More

Healthy Living Journey

Healthy Living. Where Do We Even Start?

Deciding to “live healthy” can be a life altering change. Choosing to make a change of this magnitude is one thing. Actually implementing the change is much more complex. And, as with any journey, one of the toughest things is figuring out where to start. Do you begin with a workout routine?  Go on a green smoothie diet? Or maybe just read a book on Zen?  While there really is no right or wrong answer, there may be an easier place to start. It’s All About The Journey For me, the starting point was all about freeing myself from everything I Read More

Living Healthy made to look easy

It’s Easy to Live Healthy, Right?

Wanted. Soothsayer who can read fortunes and decipher quantum physics. Oh, and I want them to tell me how to “live healthy.” Living healthy should be easy, right?  Don’t do drugs … Don’t have fast food more than once a week … Make sure you walk a few miles with the dog every few days … and “you’re healthy.”  But we all know that things don’t work that way.  Life is complicated and unfortunately, so is our health.  Today “we’re healthier than we’ve ever been,” yet as a country we’re obese, chronically ill and always sick. What’s a person to do?   Read More