It’s Easy to Live Healthy, Right?

Living Healthy is easy
Is “Healthy” under here?

Wanted. Soothsayer who can read fortunes and decipher quantum physics. Oh, and I want them to tell me how to “live healthy.”

Living healthy should be easy, right?  Don’t do drugs … Don’t have fast food more than once a week … Make sure you walk a few miles with the dog every few days … and “you’re healthy.”  But we all know that things don’t work that way.  Life is complicated and unfortunately, so is our health.  Today “we’re healthier than we’ve ever been,” yet as a country we’re obese, chronically ill and always sick.

What’s a person to do?   Sometimes I think the answer is to curl up in a ball and lock the door.  But contrary to popular belief all sorts of other bad things can still come and find you.  So it turns out we need a plan.  We need to understand the levers we can pull to live healthy. Call it a job.  Call it a way of life.  Call it what you want to call it – but I’m all about living a long and happy life!!

So I’ve set out to find the answers.  This is a journey.  Consider the task the equivalent of an Indiana Jones movie and consider me Harrison Ford (maybe a young Harrison Ford??).  You millennials can replace Harrison Ford with Christian Bale and we should be all set.

This blog is about finding some of those answers.  I’m sharing with readers how I’m piecing together a healthy life and some of the pitfalls that I’ve fallen into along the way … and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.

Stay tuned for more.

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