Healthy Life Plan

Healthy Life Plan

Healthy Life Plan

Live healthy.  Sounds easy, huh?  We’re instructed from a young age by our elders to be healthy, take care of our body and “eat right.”  What does this actually mean?

  • Do I drink milk because “it does a body good” or because it’s the best place to find calcium?
  • Diet soda doesn’t help me lose weight!?!
  • Is it true the Vegetarian’s can in fact still get enough protein without any meat?
  • Is there more to a Vegan diet than twigs and berries?

I feel like I’m of normal intelligence.  I have a masters’ degree and believe I’m somewhat successful in the business world.  Yet I really didn’t know where to begin when it came to learning how to ‘live healthy.’  When I was in my 20s it wasn’t a big deal.  I was invincible (just like everyone else under the age of 30).   But once I hit 30 and became a parent, all of a sudden living healthy, raising my children healthy, etc… became a big deal.  But how do you actually live healthy?

Where to Begin

So to solve this complex question, I did what everybody does when they need an answer to a question – I asked Google.  Google told me there were about 350 million articles to read to answer the question.  Are you sitting down, because this might take a while?

I spent the next two years reading, web surfing, reading, meditating (I’ll get to that part another time) and comprehending.  I read some fascinating material about plant based diets, body cleanses, fitness cultures, everyday toxins, how to be happy, etc….  I learned so much about so many things, but still didn’t know where to begin.  Reading and agreeing with something but then actually changing life to do it are two totally different things!!  I still needed more of a structured plan.  I needed a plan to live healthy.

Well, here it is.  I’ve captured what I’ve learned (and still learning) and translated into four key concepts to live a healthy life (and might as well to try to be cool while we’re at it).

dreamstimefree_186427            Food to Eat

This isn’t a diet or some trendy “eat this not that” concept.  It’s about the learning the pros and cons of different foods and understanding why some foods just don’t mix some people.  Its discovering the truth about gluten, understanding the advantages of plant based diets and learning the difference between juicing and smoothies.


dreamstimefree_266255         Exercise to Do

Just because I don’t have a Cross-fit body doesn’t mean I don’t exercise.  I don’t have a new exercise fad to follow or really even a preferred exercise method.  What I do have is some insight and things I have learned about the benefits of exercise, differences between cardio and strength training and some pretty cool local cultures where exercise has a very different meaning.


dreamstimefree_193080   Mindset to Follow

Who am I and why am I here?   We don’t get too deep into the psycho analysis, but its amazing to understanding the impact that your mindset and behaviors can have on the health of yourself and those around you.   Being happy and healthy starts with believing you are happy and health.


Genetically Modified Apple




Stuff to Avoid

Sorry, the Cookie Crisp cereal has to go!  While most people think living healthy is as simple as “avoiding sugar or high fat foods” there are so many things in our everyday surrounds that have the potential to interfere with ‘prime’ health.  We take a look at foods, household products and other things that don’t always come to mind when thinking about what it takes to live healthy.

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