Exercise to do

Exercise to Do

For those of you that know me, you know that while I enjoy exercise, I’m never confused with that really tone guy at the gym lifting weights.  I have tried and tried several variations of the gym scene and it just wasn’t for me…but that’s ok.  It just made me realize that I needed to find other types of activity to fill up my exercise bucket.

So I began to think differently about the general concept and importance exercise.  I don’t think you can pick up any type of health literature these days without reading about the importance of exercise on your body, mind and your overall health.  The question becomes what is the right type of exercise for you?  Does it have to be free weights at the gym?  Do you need to run 20 miles a week?  The answer is:  Its completely up to you.  Its your plan.


What is Your Exercise Activity Plan?

What we want to focus on is being “active.”  We need to be active in our every day lives to get our blood flowing smoothly, help prevent weight gain and provide an overall sense of well being. The goal for each of us is to identify the specific set of activities that we enjoy doing, feel good about and can develop a schedule/plan around.


My Activity Plan

This is a moving target for me.  I go through few months being very focused on my plan and as an outcome I feel great.  However, like any journey this isn’t a straight line to success.  I do have setbacks and constantly refer back to my plan.

Days of Activity per Week = 5

Minutes per Activity = 45

  • Strenuous Exercise = 3
    • Running
    • Lawn Mowing / Yard Work
    • Hiking, biking, etc…
  • Casual Exercise = 2
    • Walking (at least 3miles)
    • vacuuming / cleaning
  • Personal / Other
    • Yoga
    • Gardening
The goal is about mixing in the strenuous exercises that feel natural to you (it could be the gym, cross fit, leaf raking, yard work, etc…) with casual and other exercise activities to promote a well balanced exercise plan that has you living an active lifestyle even if your not doing 50 pound arm curls at the gym.
Going forward in this section we’ll dive deeper into the importance of exercise, exercise strategies and cultures built around active lifestyles.

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