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Wearable Fitness Tracker

Have you ever wondered what exactly a wearable activity tracker can do for you? Cool Healthy Life has the details about all the latest wearable health trackers on the market and some of the best brands out there.

Wearable Activity Tracker and Your Daily Routine

Healthy living has become a new fad these days and because keeping your body fit is an important aspect of this, a health/fitness tracker is a convenient device for those who want to measure their physical activities.

What Is an Activity Tracker?

You may hear different names such as activity tracker, health tracker, workout tracker, fitness tracker, wearable device, etc… but they all pertain to the same thing.  Whatever you call it, this gadget helps not only athletes, but anyone who wants to monitor and record their physical activity. Using a fitness tracker allows you to log your results and compare over time. Some of the data that you could record is:

  • Total steps walked/run
  • Distance traveled
  • Time spent during a workout
  • Dozens of other various workouts (swimming, biking, yoga, etc…)
  • Foods / calories consumed
  • Sleep patterns

How a Health Tracker Can Help You

Different types of activity trackers have slightly different features. However, one thing’s for sure, all fitness trackers aim to help you record your physical activity and monitor your progress over time. While being physically fit is good thing, part of the benefit of a fitness tracker is you can track your progress and it can actually help you improve your fitness routines, workouts and disciplines by helping you understand more about every step you take throughout the day.  Think of it like having a portable activity journal that records all of your exercise and workout routines for you!

Hassle-free Tracking of Your Everyday Activities

Are you one those people who says you are so busy that you find it almost impossible to find time to do your workout? If that is the case, then there is a high probability that when you are completing any physical activity you are NOT actually monitoring your progress at all.

You are exactly the kind person that could be helped by an activity tracker! Simply wear the device and go workout! Gone are the days of worrying if you have brought a pen and paper with you to record your exercise for the day. What is more, wearing an activity tracker also makes it really easy to see when you haven’t worked out at all, which serves as a motivation in and of itself!

A Good Sleep Is Part of Being Fit

One aspect of wearable activity trackers that many people overlook is the ability to track and monitor your sleep. Getting the appropriate amount of good, proper sleep is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, and wearable fitness trackers are a great tool to help record your sleep patterns. Some of the more advanced health trackers also are able to monitor your sleep patterns and trends and provide you recommendations on the ideal time to go to sleep based off your physical activities and lifestyle.

Check Your Heart Rate

Another benefit of some activity trackers is the ability to check and monitor your heart rate throughout the day.  There is more and more research around ensuring your physical activities keep your heart rate within a healthy range, and a fitness tracker is an ideal tool to help provide you real-time feedback (during your workout) on how high your heart rate is being pushed by your exercise. You also have the ability post workout to go back and track your heart rate over certain periods to identify if certain workouts were pushing your heart rate higher than you had desired.

Setting and Achieving Fitness Goals

One of the greatest benefits of an activity tracker is the ability to set goals around several aspects of your healthy living goals.  You can set goals for:

  • How many hours of sleep per night
  • How many steps per day
  • How many calories consumed
  • How many minutes of physical exercise

It’s simple to setup goals within the fitness tracker software, and most goals are as easy to track as just wearing your tracker on your wrist!

A “Wearable” for All

Are you thinking that you are not a fitness buff, so a wearable or the health tracker is not for you? Well, you are wrong. More and more health trackers are being used by everyday people to get vital information about their physical well-being.  Every one of us sleep, eat and move, and a health tracker is an ideal tool to help us monitor and improve our performance!

Be Motivated to Do Better – Your New Workout Buddy

Why is it so hard for you to exercise? Yes, the busy day is a given and eating feels more fun and rewarding than exercising right? Maybe, it is also that you lack motivation. The absence of a friend or a workout buddy that will continuously remind and bug you about your workout goals may come in the form of a wearable fitness tracker. This device is capable of notifying you if you are not doing your training anymore or if you have been lagging in your health goals.  Many people will say having a workout buddy helps keep them accountable to maintaining their exercise routine.  Well consider your health tracker your new workout buddy!

What Is the Best “Wearable”

All the companies that manufacture an activity tracker will claim that they are the best. However, at the end of the day, you yourself alone can say what the best for you is. We have different fitness needs and only you could identify what is the ideal wearable suited for you. The basic features of all this kind of devices are the same, but there are slight differences that could mean a great deal to you. Do not jump on the first item that you see online or in a shop. Read and discover what the best wearable activity tracker is for you.


The Long Battery Life of Garmin

Garmin as a brand may not be well-known for making wearables, but they have been long and trusted in the industry of making excellent technology that you can use outdoors. As such, their fitness trackers are famous for its simple design that boasts a long battery life. With a long-life, it means you can use it for more than a year. Besides that, their version of Vivofit 2 has waterproof feature. With this, there is no need for you to take off your fitness band. Wear it with you anywhere and be confident that it will reliably take the fitness statistics that you need.

Specifications of Garmin

With a size of 152-210 mm and a weight of 25.5g, this device is light enough to wear every day. It even has an iOS and Android compatibility that makes it easier for you to link it with your smartphone. It has display of 25.5 mm x 10 mm and is Bluetooth capable. Do you need to know more? The price – yes the cost of this device is cheaper compared to its contemporaries. What else do you need? This can do all the basic functions that other brands are offering like measuring the calories you burn, how far the distance that you have travelled is and it is also capable of tracking your steps.

Drawbacks of Garmin

While Garmin is sure to be the best suited device for your pocket, some are not contented with its lack of extra features. As a fitness tracker, it is capable of doing the basic stuff that is should do, but if you are looking for extra features that will make you different from other users, then you will not find it on Garmin. Besides that, there are feedbacks that it does not feel that comfortable on the wrist.

Latest Update from Garmin

While most of their activity tracker line is just basic, they released their latest model called Vivosmart HR+ that features a GPS activity tracker. It uses the latest technology of GPS satellites to monitor your performance in every activity. In addition to that, it will vibrate to remind you to keep going when it detects that you have been inactive for some time.


A Quick Glance at Its Features

Nike has long been in the industry of stuff used for sports. The dawn of fitness trackers did not make it hard for this company to produce their own that is on top of the line. Besides a wide variety of colors to choose from, this brand offer features that are exclusive to their line. Here are some of them:

  • It is lightweight and can time is displayed on the screen.
  • Durability is their flagship and has a display in bright LED that makes seeing your performance easier.
  • Three sizes are available that you could choose from making it more fit to you.
  • It features fast charging and Bluetooth connectivity making it easier for you to connect it with other devices.
  • It is compatible with smartphones and has unique features.

Discover Its Unique Features

As reported in the best Fit Trackers, the Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness tracker is receiving many positive feedbacks both from the reviews and from its users. Its durability is a feature that many fall in love with. With durability also comes flexibility in its overall appearance where it is not hard to pair it with your everyday attire. With this, you will find it easy to wear daily without fuss. Besides that, the platform that they use is easy to use that even a newbie in this kind of device will have no difficulty using it. Know how many steps you had made and monitor your progress without difficulty! It s real time tracking is so great that athletes have found it a great gadget to monitor their improvements. If it can keep up with athletes who undergo rigorous trainings, then it will surely help you monitor your performance during your usual routines.

A Quick Look at Nike’s Disadvantages

It is a cliché but people say that you cannot have it all. The same is true for this device. Despite its alluring features, users experienced some drawbacks with it. It is great that one of its features is to sync with smartphones, but some users have reported difficulty in doing so. The specific platform that their phone uses was not reported so it is difficult to tell if it is the Android or the iOS users were affected. In relation to that, the customer service is not that good because numerous calls were done regarding the syncing but the response is not that well.


Accurate Tracking

Getting an activity tracker means that you are interested in tracking the progress that you have made in achieving your fitness goals. Fitbit will help you reliably with that! This device is discovered to be one of the most reliable items in terms of tracking. Fear not that the statistics may have been wrong because it can tell you accurately the distance you have travelled, track your steps, and analyze how many calories you have burned, and tell you how many minutes you have been active and sleep.

Some Features to Ponder Upon

This one also has a few cons on its side. It is good news for the fashion enthusiasts to know that the band comes with ten different colors that you can swap anytime to match your outfit. However, its battery is a bit on the downside. It is one of the products that have a shortest battery lifespan. Do not worry though because you can charge it when its battery drains. Its design though makes it inconvenient for its users because the tracker must be removed from the band to be able to plug the device into the charger. This is also a bit different compared to the rest of trackers out there because it has no screen. Besides that, you can call this the most lightweight tracker on the list as it weighs only 16 grams.


A Nutritious Way to be Fit

The wearable from the company Jawbone can also do the basics that you would expect from a fitness tracker. This one though has an additional feature where you could scan the bar codes of the food that you buy to learn more about the about the nutrition information. Being healthy means you need to take care of your body not only on the outside but on the inside as well. It is important to take not of all the food that you eat and Jawbone tracker can help you in that regard.

Data-rich Device

You get a tracker to help you learn and analyze your progress right? Jawbone has exactly what you need as it can show you the data results from your activity in a simple way. One look at your results can help you see and analyze what are your weak points. This way, you can modify your training routine to get the maximum result that will benefit your end.

Know What Is on the Downside

Other products feature Bluetooth connectivity for a hassle-free linking with your phone. Jawbone though does not have that and you need to plug the tracker directly to the phone to sync the contents. However, this could be done quickly even without the Bluetooth feature. Another downside to this health tracker is its inaccuracy in calculating your activities. It was published by Live Science that this device will consider you walking even if you are sitting. All you have to do is wave your arms and the wearable will record it as walking. On the other hand, even if you are exerting much effort but your wrist are not moving because you are carrying something heavy, there is a big chance that you will not get much points out of that.

With all of these said, it is clear that fitness trackers can be of big help to everyone even to those who are not health buffs. Seeing how less you have moved or the steps that you have taken the entire day could motivate you to take the stairs instead of an elevator. The tracker will also help you be directed to the goal that you want to achieve. However, because of the tough competition out there, a wide range of products are available making it hard for you to choose. Do you want a comfortable and fashionable tracker? Do you want a reliable data report? Do want a device with a long battery life? Each of them has their own pros and cons. You only need to read the features of each brand before deciding which one suits you best.